Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My thoughts on Kasim leaving Meat Loaf's band

On Facebook, I started For The Love Of Kasim a couple of months ago. I have on my page a discussion board. I started the topic about Kasim leaving Meat Loaf's band. Here is what I posted:

Kasim has been a major part of the band for the last 10 years or so taking over as musical director. That was a big job for him to do having to work with all of Meat's music and be the bass player. I enjoyed seeing Kasim with Meat Loaf two times-1996 and 2005.

Kasim has said "it was time to leave". I agree with him on this decision. When I read he had said that at his show in Philly, I was shocked! Now he can focus more on his career and still work with Todd.

What are your thoughts about him leaving the band?

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Karen McBride said...

Great post, Stephanie. While I've enjoyed Kas' work with Meatloaf over the years, I'm excited to think of him working on more of his solo material and even more stuff with Todd. One thing we know for sure is he doesn't ever seem to slow down! As long as the music keeps coming, I'm happy for him in whatever path he chooses.