Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kasim at The Abbey Pub pics

I found this tonight on a search:

I can't get the link to work.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mystery picture

Here is a picture I found of Kasim and Todd on Ebay a couple of years ago. I've always wondered who the guy in the picture is? I assume this picture was taken in 1977.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 and

For all of the latest Kasim news, go to
Sue does an excellent job with the website. She is always keeping us updated as to what Kasim is doing.

Kasim's own official site is


Kasim and "wasting time".

Over the years, I've been studying the lyrics to Kasim's songs. The one thing I've noticed is he uses the word "waste" or variations of the word. Here are some examples:

1. "In The Name Of Love"- grab a hold of someone else and don't waste your time
2. "My Year"- I can't believe I wasted all that time
3. "This Must Be Love"-I guess I wasted my time
4. "Set Me Free"-feels like the time we spent was gone to waste
5. "Sacrifice"-waste one minute wondering might have been...
6. "Minutes Slipping Past"-so I wonder what I did with all my time, how much was wasted...
7. "Heaven's Girl"-It's just a waste of time to try and find her in this world.
8. "Give Him Up"-Shouldn't waste another night.

Two Utopia songs that have waste in them:

1. "Welcome To My Revolution"-don't wanna feel like I've wasted my time
2. "Bad Little Actress"-she's wasting our time

I've always wondered why Kasim uses this word in his songs. I asked him this question once in an email but he didn't email me back.

In Minutes Slipping Past from his new CD All Sides, he writes about the end of life. Could it be about his life or someone elses? He says he wrote the song but he didn't know why. Then, one of his best friends passed away this summer. He now knows why he wrote the song. The line where he sings about "everything I desired if I wanted to" I think means things Kasim would have liked to do but can't do or couldn't do for some reason. Maybe about things having to do with his family.

I think my next word search in Kasim's songs will be the word "love". I can think of a few song titles with that word in it already!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

All Sides

I love this CD!! It has all of my favorite Kasim songs on it plus new songs and demos. Minutes Slipping Past is so touching it makes me cry whenever I hear it. I thought Kasim wrote Yellow Cab but I was wrong. Are You Happy Now is very upbeat. I love the doubletracking in the song.

Interesting stuff I noticed about the CD:

1. It's not on any record label.
2. In the thank you notes, he didn't thank Meat Loaf.
3. He thanked the movie star Julianne Moore.
4. Before In The Name Of Love, someone says "6".

If you don't have this CD, buy it now!


The New Cars review from Wolf Trap June 6, 2006

This is my review of The New Cars show at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA from June 6, 2006:

It was a packed house Tuesday night at Wolf Trap as The New Cars and Blondie’s Road Rage tour came to Vienna, VA. I had a great seat! (Row K Seat 19) I was in between Elliot and Todd.
I went to the show with a couple of huge Todd fans from Charlottesville, VA. They were Bill Bricker, Stephen Pollack and his son Nick, and Eric Lund. Stephen used to be Bebe Buell’s guitar player in her band The Gargoyles.
We got to the show @7:00PM. I bought a copy of The New Cars CD at the souvenir booth. The release day was on June 6! I was listening to it coming up Route 29. Bill was playing it for all of us to hear in his Caravan.
Before the show, I talked to a guy who has a guitar just like Todd’s new red and white one he uses on stage at The New Cars shows. He wanted to get the guitar signed by Todd. He talked to a girl from The New Cars meet and greet and she got the guitar signed by all of the band! He took me around to the backstage area before the show and pointed out where Kasim was smoking a cigarette near the backstage door. I didn’t bother him before the show. It looked like he was wearing a New Cars t-shirt (the one with the TNC logo).
Blondie came on at 8PM and played for about an hour and ten minutes. They were good. I knew a lot of their songs. I was sitting between two blonde girls who were Blondie fans. They were really into it! I thought I saw Kasim watching the first part of their show. Debbie Harry was waving to the crowd and was happy. Blondie had a good turnout. She gave her high heels away to fans in the pit. After Blondie’s set, a lot of people were leaving.
I saw Kasim’s guitar tech Charlie from the Meat Loaf shows getting Kasim’s bass ready before The New Cars came on. Kasim can’t go anywhere without his Charlie! :)
I spoke to a guy behind me who is a big fan of Prairie’s before The New Cars came on. I thought I heard at first that he knew him so I asked him do you know him and he said no “only in my dreams!” I thought that was cute.
I saw a lot of Blondie shirts, one Cars shirt, New Cars shirts, a few Todd shirts, and one Van Halen shirt!
The New Cars came on at 9:30PM. The set was really cool! At the beginning of the show, they had pictures on all of the screens of them in various funny faces! It reminded me of the pictures from The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night movie. The show was excellent! I was singing along to all of the songs. I LOVED hearing Kasim sing “Drive”. I stood up after the song and clapped and clapped and clapped. The only songs they cut out due to time restraints were All Mixed Up (one of the Cars songs that Kasim’s sings which I would have loved to have heard) and Open My Eyes. I wish TR would have had time to do that song! The songs I really enjoyed hearing live were: “Let’s Go”,”Candy-O”, “I Saw The Light”, “Black Maria” “Drive”, and “Dangerous Type”. When Elliot was singing “Dangerous Type”, he pointed in my direction.
Near the beginning of the show, Kasim was having trouble with his bass speakers so in between songs, he kept going over to the speakers to tweak stuff on them. You know him, always the perfectionist! :) At another point in the show, Kasim slid over to Elliot’s side of the stage and sang with him. He did that twice. Near the end of the show, Kasim was singing on his side of the stage and all of a sudden, Elliot comes over to him and scares him! Kasim looked at Elliot and made a surprised face!.
After “You Might Think”, Todd was talking and I noticed Kasim had left the stage. I think that’s his smoke break time.
I don’t think Todd mentioned the CD release date was on June 6! He did mention about the bus accident Monday. Elliot broke his left collarbone. He seemed to be doing ok. He was waving and smiling to everyone.
There was a tie for the best dressed of the evening. I loved Todd’s burgundy jacket and Kasim’s black jacket with some sort of design on it. They should be in GQ magazine!
I loved seeing Todd’s new red and white guitar. I wanted to see Todd’s new guitar with the Utopia eye design on it. He did play it, but I wasn’t paying attention to Todd then. ;)
Near the end of the show, I noticed Kasim was giving away guitar picks to some lucky fans in the pit.
After the encore, Kasim was waving to people in the audience. He waved over in my direction before he left the stage. Todd didn’t really wave that much. Elliot was waving and was very happy. Greg and Prairie were waving too.
The show ended at 11:00PM. I spoke to Prairie’s cousin after the show by accident. I saw two women who had backstage passes on and I asked them if they went to the meet and greet and they said no. One of the women said “I’m Prairie’s cousin.” I told her I was sorry to hear about Vince and she said thank you.
I saw a lot of people going backstage after the show. I had some small gifts I wanted to give all of the guys but I never had the chance to give them their gifts. I almost got backstage but then a guy from Wolf Trap said everyone had to go. I was really disappointed that I was so close to getting back there yet so far away.
All in all, I had a nice time. I hope the tour will have a second leg so I can see it again.
It looks like Kasim may be touring with The New Cars again this Summer! I hope they will come to Virginia again!

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