Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long update!

It's been a long while since I've updated this blog. My computer died last year and I'm doing everything now on my phone. I have access to a computer today.

Lets start in September: September 2010: Kasim was with Todd Rundgren on the Todd/Healing tour. I saw the show in Glenside, PA. I was on the PPV a couple of times! Near the end of the show, Kasim threw a pick at me! :)

October 2010: Kasim was with Todd Rundgren in Japan. Kasim did a solo show when he was there. Thanks to my Japanese friends on my Kasim Twitter, I found out a lot about his solo show and the Todd shows!

November 2010: I got a big surprise from Kasim on my birthday. He wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook! :)

December 2010: Kasim did a solo show in Bordentown, NJ on December 4. I went to the show with my friends and I had a wonderful time! I had a front row seat! In the review of the show on another site, the reviewer called me "fat arms" twice! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR SNARKY REMARK! I was NOT blocking the reviewers view of him. If I were blocking the reviewers view, the reviewer should have come over during intermission and told me that I was.

January 2011: Kasim joined Moogy Klingman and Utopia for two reunion shows to help Moogy. Kasim sang background and got to play a little bit of Just One Victory on bass. I also found out about Kasim working with a Beatles tribute band Yellow Matter Custard.

February 2011: Kasim played with Yellow Matter Custard. He was "Paul" of course. There are a lot of great clips of the shows on YouTube.

March 2011: Kasim joined Todd once again for more Todd/Healing shows. I couldn't go to any of them. :(

Happy TRJ day!

On this day in Kasim history, I saw Kasim with Todd Rundgren at The Birchmere. Great show! Got a hug from Kasim on stage at the end of the show! :)