Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long update!

It's been a long while since I've updated this blog. My computer died last year and I'm doing everything now on my phone. I have access to a computer today.

Lets start in September: September 2010: Kasim was with Todd Rundgren on the Todd/Healing tour. I saw the show in Glenside, PA. I was on the PPV a couple of times! Near the end of the show, Kasim threw a pick at me! :)

October 2010: Kasim was with Todd Rundgren in Japan. Kasim did a solo show when he was there. Thanks to my Japanese friends on my Kasim Twitter, I found out a lot about his solo show and the Todd shows!

November 2010: I got a big surprise from Kasim on my birthday. He wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook! :)

December 2010: Kasim did a solo show in Bordentown, NJ on December 4. I went to the show with my friends and I had a wonderful time! I had a front row seat! In the review of the show on another site, the reviewer called me "fat arms" twice! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR SNARKY REMARK! I was NOT blocking the reviewers view of him. If I were blocking the reviewers view, the reviewer should have come over during intermission and told me that I was.

January 2011: Kasim joined Moogy Klingman and Utopia for two reunion shows to help Moogy. Kasim sang background and got to play a little bit of Just One Victory on bass. I also found out about Kasim working with a Beatles tribute band Yellow Matter Custard.

February 2011: Kasim played with Yellow Matter Custard. He was "Paul" of course. There are a lot of great clips of the shows on YouTube.

March 2011: Kasim joined Todd once again for more Todd/Healing shows. I couldn't go to any of them. :(


Stephanie Regan said...

Oops! Forgot to add Kasim played "Set Me Free" at the Utopia reunion shows.

Stephanie Regan said...

Also in March 2011, Kasim played bass and sang with two Todd tribute bands. Videos from the show are on YouTube.

Stephanie Regan said...

January 2011-Kasim's PPV. How could I have forgotton that?