Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kasim and "wasting time".

Over the years, I've been studying the lyrics to Kasim's songs. The one thing I've noticed is he uses the word "waste" or variations of the word. Here are some examples:

1. "In The Name Of Love"- grab a hold of someone else and don't waste your time
2. "My Year"- I can't believe I wasted all that time
3. "This Must Be Love"-I guess I wasted my time
4. "Set Me Free"-feels like the time we spent was gone to waste
5. "Sacrifice"-waste one minute wondering might have been...
6. "Minutes Slipping Past"-so I wonder what I did with all my time, how much was wasted...
7. "Heaven's Girl"-It's just a waste of time to try and find her in this world.
8. "Give Him Up"-Shouldn't waste another night.

Two Utopia songs that have waste in them:

1. "Welcome To My Revolution"-don't wanna feel like I've wasted my time
2. "Bad Little Actress"-she's wasting our time

I've always wondered why Kasim uses this word in his songs. I asked him this question once in an email but he didn't email me back.

In Minutes Slipping Past from his new CD All Sides, he writes about the end of life. Could it be about his life or someone elses? He says he wrote the song but he didn't know why. Then, one of his best friends passed away this summer. He now knows why he wrote the song. The line where he sings about "everything I desired if I wanted to" I think means things Kasim would have liked to do but can't do or couldn't do for some reason. Maybe about things having to do with his family.

I think my next word search in Kasim's songs will be the word "love". I can think of a few song titles with that word in it already!


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