Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kasim on tour with Todd Rundgren and Kasim's solo shows in February-March.

Kasim's back on tour with Todd Rundgren now. A mini tour. Same set list as in December's shows. Kasim still has the goatee. I don't really like him with it. When I see the pictures of him with it, I say that's his evil brother Tony! :) My poll on For The Love Of Kasim says no to the goatee. I wonder if Kasim has heard about my poll and voted? He probably voted yes. IMHO, I think he gets lazy sometimes and doesn't want to shave.

After Todd's shows, Kasim will be doing his tour with the Kasim Sulton Band. I wonder who's going to be in the band? I'm thinking Doug Kennedy, Mark Alexander, Randy Flowers, and maybe that guy who was with him in 2006-Dennis was his name I think. With a band behind him, he can do songs that he couldn't do if he were by himself. I've always wanted Kasim to do White And Red.

We should all find out soon when the other solo dates will be. Crossing my fingers for a Virginia show!


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Sherrie said...

No, don't speak ill of the goatee! :) I am VERY fond of it, I don't think it makes him evil looking at all.