Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kasim show in Reistertown, Maryland on October 30, 2009

A couple of nights ago, I got an email from a friend on Facebook saying that Kasim will be doing a show in Reistertown, Maryland on October 30, 2009. I checked into it and yes it is official!! :) I went to to see if tickets were on sale and they were! Kasim will be with a full band. I will now finally be able to see one of Kasim's shows! :) My dream is coming true! :)

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Signtopia said...

The Reisterstown show is tentative from what I hear. Kasim was a guest on and said he did not want to comment on whether or not he would be there with a full band or not until he knew something definate because there was a possibility that Todd might book some shows (non-AWATS) and he would have to cancel. A few days after his interview, reports that the date of the Reistertown show has been moved to an earlier date. Your tickets will be honored for that earlier date. There's alot going on.

By the way, I have posted pictures from the recent Todd show at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore. You can see them at There are more than a few Kasim photos.