Friday, September 5, 2008

Kasim and love

A cool fan of Kasim's reminded me that I forgot to do a post regarding Kasim and the use of the word "love" in his songs. As you may remember from a post I did last year, I talked about Kasim using the word "waste" in his songs or variations of the word and the reason why I think he does that. Now I will talk about Kasim using the word "love" in his songs.

I found ten songs with the word "love" in the song title. The songs are:

1. Love Alone
2. In The Name Of Love
3. Someone To Love
4. Crazy Love
5. Sometimes Love Is A Dangerous Thing
6. Love Is Blind
7. This Must Be Love
8. Love Reunion
9. Eternal Love
10. Somebody Loves You-(not his song, but it has the word in it!)

Then there are songs that have the word "love" in it:

Don't Break My Heart
Mixed Signals
Before She Was Gone
Over For Now
I'll Always Care
White And Red

Give Him Up-has "loved" in it

Don't Break My Heart-has "loving" in it

I'm sure there are more songs with "love" in them but these are the ones I found so far.

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