Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More On This Day In Kasim History

On this day two years ago, I had the best time of my life! My Uncle Charles and I went to see Meat Loaf at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. Here is my review of the show from

My big day arrived! I was going to see Meat Loaf!!

I've never been to Wolf Trap before. I had heard that it is a beautiful place to have a concert. It was beautiful. It was in a park setting and there were a lot of trees and grassy areas.

The gates opened at 6:30 PM and the seated part didn't open until 7:30 PM. I found my seat and it was great! I was in Row B Seat 35. I figured that I would be in between Meat and Paul and I was right.

The show started at 8PM. Johnny Lives opened the show. They were ok but I wish Kasim could have opened the show. Before the show, I saw Kasim behind the stage talking to his guitar tech Charlie. I knew it was him by the back of his head. I saw him putting on his bass before the show.

Meat came on @8:30PM. The show was wonderful! Meat was in top form. He and the band were excellent. I tried to get Kasim's attention at the start of the show but he didn't see me. He was wearing a white shirt with black stripes and black trousers.

During You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth, everyone in the audience stands up and sings in the middle of the song. Four people behind me were sitting down and not singing. Meat saw them and he told them to stand up and they didn't. You won't believe what happened next. Meat said, "I'm coming down there". He jumped off the stage, made his way through the pit and the first two rows like a bull in a china shop and was coming for the people behind me! A couple was sitting beside me and they didn't know what to think. I didn't have anyone sitting beside me on my left side. Meat Loaf is giving this guy his wrath and he is doing it a few inches away from me! The guy refused to sing! Meat was cussing him out big time. The band had stopped playing and the lights on the stage were down. I looked over on the stage and I saw Kasim standing beside Mark in the dark and you could see the biggest smile on Kasim's face! Meat asked the guy what he does for a living and he told Meat "I don't have to tell you what I do." Then Meat said, "So you're a lawyer then. Or some CIA guy from DC?" The guy never told him where he worked. So then Meat told Kasim to restart the song. I touched Meat Loaf's shirt! A couple of people and myself helped Meat so as he wouldn't fall over the chairs trying to get back on stage! The couple beside me left after that and didn't come back!

Meat introduced the band and when he was introducing Kasim, he kissed Meat on the cheek! It was cute.

I loved the new way they're doing Anything For Love. After Patti sings the "sooner or later you'll be screwing around part", Meat came over to Patti and gave her the biggest kiss on the lips. I don't think she was expecting that!

Kasim came on my side somewhat but not much. During Bat Out Of Hell, he came over to my side and was playing bass with Paul. I waved at Kasim. He saw me and waved back!! :)

During Mercury Blues, Kasim's shirt was unbuttoned and I was a happy girl! :)

The show was over with @10:45PM or so.


Life Is A Lemon
Black Betty
Dead Ringer For Love
Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
Only When I Feel
All Revved Up
Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Anything For Love
Bat Out Of Hell

Mercury Blues

After the show, my Uncle Charles and I got to go backstage to see Kasim. My Uncle didn't know much about Kasim or Meat Loaf. The next day, he became a Meat Loaf fan and a Kasim fan! :) My avatar picture was taken backstage that night. Here is another picture from the night:

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When my Uncle saw this picture, he said,"Should I have put my arm around Kasim like that?" "Does that look funny?" I told him, "No, it doesn't look funny." I printed out this picture for him and he had it in his dining room. He looked at it every day. He told me he took a picture with a rock star! :)

My Uncle passed away in November 2005. He was a great person and loved people. I still think about that night and I can't believe it happened! If Meat Loaf comes to VA or DC again, I'll probably go to the show but no show can top Meat Loaf's Wolf Trap show!


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Nice story, steph. I'm glad your uncle enjoyed the experience so much.